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Promo Video - Price To Be Discussed

Promotional Video of the business's products/services that they offer to be featured on their website, youTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Expenses, licenses, permits are covered by the client unless otherwise specified. This covers the video shoot and the editing of the video clips into the final product, the Promo Video is about 2 minutes 30 seconds long unless specified by the client.

We wanted to give you an idea of how we calculate our project price for showing up on location, filming, recording, directing, and editing. These rates may change based on the type of project, what is required and the time frame we have to complete the project. 

Rates -

Filming: $350+/Half Day (1 - 4hrs.)

This is the minimum filming price. There is a lot of prep work that goes on before showing up to film such as charging all of the batteries, gathering all of the equipment, inspecting the equipment, loading up, etc. If I am flying a drone for the video I have to research the area, see what airspace I am flying in, check for Temporary Flight Restrictions, find out what obstacles I have to avoid, make sure the weather is safe to fly in, etc.


The filming process is crucial for creating a good promo video. There are a lot of factors to be aware of once you are in the field such as battery levels, memory card storage, lighting, audio, what/who you are filming, white balance, composition, motion, depth of field, keeping things in focus, etc. Having shot multiple Promotional Videos for several clients I have experience when filming on location and working with others to make it a fun event.

Post Production/Editing: $62/hr

Post Production is where I take all of the video and audio I have recorded and begin the editing process by first backing up the video on two different hard drives. Then I go and sift through all of the footage picking out the best parts. The third step is searching for the appropriate background music to time and arrange the video clips properly. This leads us to my fourth step, which is stitching them together into the storyline my client wants. After creating the storyline I go back looking for details in the video and audio to change or enhance. The final step is to share it with my client to get feedback. After the client is happy with the final video my work is finished.

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